Bio Mass

We are part of this important emerging economic power source. Biomass is plant matter containing solar energy. The plants and trees have converted sunlight into mass which contains carbon for energy. The Southern Pine forest industry is capable of providing vast amounts of biomass as a major step towards renewable energy for our country. Cahaba is a vital part of this emerging supply base. Our forest maintainance programs result in healthy trees by thinning and select harvesting. This well managed process produces vast amounts of wood fiber from small trees and logging residue. We do not waste wood fiber—we convert it to biomass.

Alabama and our surrounding supply regions offer an ever growing abundance of wood fiber. More trees are planted each year than are harvested. It takes almost no energy to grow and harvest pine trees. The forests are carbon neutral and contain 50% carbon. Pine biomass is part of the solution, and Cahaba is an excellent source of biomass. Whether you need a few loads or are seeking a long term commitment, let us be your source.

We practice what we preach. Our entire operation uses steam generated in our own boiler using our own biomass.