High Volume Means Fast Shipments

Overhead lines are subject to severe weather, which can result in power outages. Our focus then becomes single-minded—do whatever it takes to supply wood poles to our customers so their customers have power back as soon as possible.

Here is why major utilities have Cahaba in their supply chain:

  • Production goes around the clock when needed
  • Entire staff lives close to the plant
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Thousands of poles in stock at all times
  • Immediate shipment from our treated stock
  • Two production lines under cover
  • Two pole peelers on site, and four more off site
  • Dozens of untreated (white stock) suppliers ship to us
  • Four preservatives options- CCA, Penta, Creosote, CuNap
  • Seven active cylinders and three in reserve
  • Four huge dry kilns and four more off site
  • Company trucks always ready to roll

Within a short two hour notice, our plant can begin shipments of over 2000 poles per day