As we enter our 51st year of continuous business and growth, we can offer thanks to our founders, our hard working staff, our loyal suppliers, and to our many customers.

Cahaba began when two brothers—Kermit and Joseph Stephens decided to build and operate a hardwood sawmill near our present site. The year was 1964. Capital investment was limited, but hard work was not. Largely through their inspired work ethic, the company began to grow. Very early on, a guiding principle was “set in stone” for all company employees to follow. Mr. Kermit stated in direct terms—“if we say it will be done, we will do it”. The company has now established a long history of fulfilling orders on time and to specifications.

After the company was successful in the hardwood industry, creosote cylinders were built to offer pressure treated railroad crossties and timbers. The company was asked to add round products in the mid 70’s. Slowly, poles supplanted crossties as the companies’ main products. New preservative cylinders offering pentachlorophenol (penta), CCA, and later Copper Naphthenate completed the treatment options. Production increased dramatically with the addition of a pole framing building, followed by a second even larger one. In 2009, a new log “merchandiser” was installed. The company now offers a full selection of poles, piling, posts, and other custom products.

Cahaba is the largest wood pole production site in the country. However, we have not forgotten our rather humble beginnings. Even more importantly, our entire company is focused on fulfilling the promise made almost 50 years ago by our founders.