A family in several ways

Our senior management team is led by Kermit Stephens (JR), company President. Kenneth Stephens ( Doc) and Walter Stephens serve as Vice-Presidents. They have a combined 40 years experience in the treated wood industry. They are assisted by Bobby Leach, Financial Manager, and Phil Myers, Business Development Manager.

The company has over 100 dedicated employees who are part of the extended “family”. They are ready, willing, and able to produce wood poles around the clock if need be to get the power restored for our customers. Their dedication is very much appreciated by the owners. Through recessions, economic slowdowns, and just uncertain times, our “family” has remained together. The owners made a commitment to the staff—during the entire time of our company—there has never been anyone laid off for lack of work. We take care of our “family”! They will take care of our customers!